Understanding the importance of a robust and resilient interior is fundamental to any caravan enthusiast or professional repairer. When it comes to choosing materials, a fine balance needs to be struck between durability, functionality, aesthetics, and of course, weight. It is here that the demand for high-quality interior plywood comes into sharp focus. As a leading supplier, Laser Materials provides a high-grade solution tailored perfectly for your caravan repair needs - our AB/B 2mm or 3mm plywood.

At Laser Materials, we recognise that the interiors of caravans endure a lot of wear and tear. Whether it's a rambunctious family holiday, the occasional weekend getaway, or simply the passage of time, every caravan will eventually need a bit of a sprucing up or repair. And when it comes to materials that offer the ideal combination of strength, durability, and beauty, our high-grade AB/B 2mm plywood is second to none.

Manufactured to meticulous quality standards, our AB/B 2mm or 3mm plywood is a superior choice for your caravan interior needs. The 'AB' grade ensures the highest standard in plywood, with one nearly perfect 'A' side that showcases beautiful natural wood grains and a 'B' side that is equally robust, allowing for minor blemishes and an authentic look. This robustness not only stands up to the everyday use of a caravan interior but also adds a level of character and warmth to your caravan that is only possible with wood.

Additionally, the thickness of 2mm or 3mm strikes the perfect balance between durability and lightweight design. The reduced thickness aids in decreasing the overall weight of the caravan, a crucial factor for fuel efficiency and overall performance while maintaining the structural integrity of the plywood. It’s a combination that ensures longevity without compromising on the essential lightweight nature of caravan construction.

At Laser Materials, we understand that the sizes of caravan interiors can differ dramatically. To accommodate all needs, we are delighted to supply our high-grade AB/B 2mm or 3mm plywood in generous 1220 x 600 mm sheets. These dimensions are designed with flexibility in mind, providing ample material for various repairs, refurbishments or complete interior overhauls. It is also easier to handle and manoeuvre within the often-tight spaces of a caravan interior, making your repair tasks simpler and more efficient.

With Laser Materials, you receive more than just top-quality plywood; you gain the backing of a company that is committed to your satisfaction. We offer expert advice, assistance, and can guide you on the most suitable application of our products, ensuring your caravan not only looks superb but is also structurally sound and ready for the adventures that lie ahead.

So, whether you're a caravan repairer looking to provide the highest quality service to your clients, or a caravan enthusiast aiming to refurbish your home-on-wheels, Laser Materials is your go-to supplier for high-grade AB/B 2mm or 2mm plywood. Explore the durability, aesthetic appeal and versatility of our plywood for a solution that truly stands up to the demands of the open road.

To order 1220 x 600 mm sheets you can find them here

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