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2mm Laser Birch Plywood AB / B 1200mm x 600mm

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We supply high quality laser plywood made from a renewable raw material – Finnish birch. Finnish birch plywood is a durable and strong material.

Our plywood is specially made for laser cutting. It is made with interior glue which means when cut it doesn’t leave black residue that you will get if you cut a lower quality plywood made with exterior glue.

The top surface is ‘AB’ quality veneers (which is the highest possible) and have a special glue line to give the smoothest cleanest cut edge, light in colour and clean to the touch guaranteed!

Our plywood is PEFC & FSC certified sustainably sourced. Made in Finland.

Over the years we have tried various plywood manufacturers and whilst it is possible to find cheaper we have learnt the hard way that you get what you pay for.

With our plywood we aren’t going to be the cheapest but we have chosen to focus on quality.

Light coloured surface with natural birch charasteristics
AB surface grade may contain
a) some small colour defects, flames and curly figuring c) some solid knots max Ø 5 mm
b) small streak and overlaps d) some deviation of the grain

showing natural birch characteristics
B-grade may contain
a) colour defects, flames and curly figuring c) some knots or knotholes max Ø7-8 mm
b) small streak and overlaps d) deviation of the grain

Important: Please note that whilst we try to have our plywood as flat as possible some warping will occur with these thin plywoods. Therefore if you need 100% flat plywood, if that even exists!, then please do not order.

We use this plywood daily in our lasers using the methods described here.

The level of warping can even vary throughout the year as the humidity levels change. Also sometimes plywood sheets can be pretty flat leaving our store and then warp in the postal system.

If you need something that is completely flat but with wood effect we recommend our veneered MDF’s these give the benefit of natural wood with the flat sheet that MDF provides.

Please note we are unable to accept returns of plywood due to warping as this is beyond our control and is a ‘characteristic’ of this type of material.

Dimensions 1200 × 600 mm