As we kick in to summer what better way to get those cool relaxed holiday vibes than with the fresh new Perspex Sweet Pastels range! We are pleased to announce that we now have the Perspex® Sweet Pastels Acrylic Sheet range in stock. These are a super fun range of fresh new colours from the popular Perspex® brand. This new range of funky pastel shades is proving to be extremely popular for laser cut sign projects and child friendly projects. Each sheet comes with a gloss surface on one side and a satin frosted surface on the other.

These colours can look very good when laser cut and then glued to natural wood. They can be attached using superglue or by applying a 3M adhesive sheet to the acrylic before cutting. The contrast of the coloured acrylic against the grain of the wood gives a very nice look.

See for example this sign made by UK based Little Acorn Designs:

Use perspex sweet pastels to profit with your laser

Another great way to use these Perspex Sweet Pastels is to layer them on top of each other with contrasting colours. For example these bag tags from Love Coco based in South Africa look great and are simple to make.

To make something similar yourself with your laser then you would just need acrylic, adhesive (we recommend 3M adhesive that bonds acrylic) and these swivel lanyard snap hooks with key ring that we can supply for you. Get creative with these and you can make some great money. These tags will sell for €8-10 each and you can make them for under €1 each with our materials.

There are so many ways that you can use Perspex Sweet Pastels. How will you use them in your laser cut projects? You can find them in our store here. In handy 600 x 400 mm sheet sizes.

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