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3mm Laserable Medite MDF, 600mm x 400mm sheet

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Our Laserable Medite MDF sheets are highly versatile, suitable for cutting and made in Ireland.

Please note:

As wood is a natural product, there can be a slight bow to the sheet. The natural twist might be in excess of 10mm (see below – Tolerances and Caution).

Medite MDF is produced using superior wood refining technology and specially designed resins. Benefits are consistency of quality and thickness, as well as reduced tool wear. Finsa Fibranor MDF retains the light tan colour of the wood fibre from which it is manufactured.

This product conforms to E1 (low) formaldehyde levels as well as also complying with the lower levels required by CARB phase 2 (CARB Phase 2 compliant <0.11ppm).

This product is often described as ‘Laser Grade’ MDF but there is no official classification for this. We believe that E1 conforming MDF is the safest and best MDF for using in a laser cutter.


Low formaldehyde emissions.
Highly versatile.
Suitable for use in internal dry conditions as defined in EN 622 parts 1 and 5 and conforms to EN13986.


1 x 3mm Laser Compatible Medite MDF, 600mm x 400mm sheet.


Length: 600mm.
Width: 400mm.
Height: 3mm.


The manufacturing tolerance for the thickness of MDF sheets are the stated thickness +/-0.2 mm. This means a 3mm MDF sheet could be between 2.8mm and 3.2mm in thickness.

If you are using this product on a laser cutter; these sheets should be strapped/taped to the laser bed before cutting.