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  • Black (engraves Gold) Laserable Leatherette sheet 300 x 600mm

Black (engraves Gold) Laserable Leatherette sheet 300 x 600mm

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Laserable Leatherette is a material that can be used for various crafting and engraving projects. This material is a faux leather, meaning it has the appearance and texture of real leather, but is actually made of a synthetic material.

This black leatherette sheet could be used to create a wide variety of items, such as book covers, placemats, coasters, or even wall art.

After engraving, the design may need to be cleaned with a damp cloth to remove any residue. As a faux leather product, you should avoid using harsh chemicals that could damage the material. For more detailed or complex designs, you may also need a brush to clean the engraved areas thoroughly.

Size specification: 300 x 600mm x 1.2mm (12 x 24 inches)

Black Laserable Leatherette engraves Gold.