Adhesive Backed Magnetic Film

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Unleash your creativity and expand the horizons of your laser cut projects with our versatile adhesive-backed magnetic film.

Our adhesive-backed magnetic film is incredibly flexible, allowing you to affix a wide range of objects such as photos, postcards, paper cut-outs, and signs to magnetic boards and metal surfaces. Ideal for whiteboards, fridges, steel strips, and more, the film transforms your everyday items into handy, easily accessible magnetic objects.

The strong adhesion technology ensures a durable, long-lasting hold on various smooth surfaces, from wood and plastic to metal and ceramic. The adhesive is protected by a film that maintains its strength and longevity, regardless of the surface you stick it to.

Using this magnetic film is as easy as it gets. Simply cut it to your desired size and shape with regular household scissors, peel off the protective film, and attach it to your desired object.

Size: 203 x 154mm